Witch Hat Atelier Special Bonus Mini-Release — Valentine’s

Happy (possibly slightly belated) Valentine’s Day!

Here’s our last special release for the romantic season. Hope you got your warm fuzzies and/or delightful heartbreak from one of our titles this round.

You know the drill. Relevant links under the cut.

Because you are a Red Rose — Oneshot Release

Y’all didn’t think I was going to let boys (love) steal the show did you? Perish the thought! It’s February O’clock, and that means it’s time to love girls (ladies)! Especially ladies loving ladies! And even better yet, ladies loving ladies who love plants~.

Here’s our next Valentine’s special, and this one’s a Girl’s Love story:

This short GL oneshot is in color!

Miss Hanakoi is a beautiful woman who only has eyes for the color red and her beloved roses. A male companion and frequent guest of her garden parties finds this all very unsettling, and begins to realize there might be more to his fellow guests than he originally imagined.

Stalks — Oneshot Release

Today’s nonhuman on offer is: of botanical persuasion~!

Well look at the time. The big hand says it’s February, the most romantic time of year. And what’s more romantic than plants? Nothing, that’s what!

In lieu of bombarding you all with sexy botany facts, please enjoy our next release instead:

This is a short, delicate BL oneshot that’s quite pretty. It’s about budding affection, a mysterious young man we meet in a greenhouse, and the give-and-take of a relationship.

Witch Hat Atelier Special Bonus Mini-Release — Winter Holidays

Happy New Year!

This is the last of our holiday special releases. Hope you had fun. It’s also our last release of 2020.

Here’s to another exciting year, and many more! Stick around, because we’ve still got tons of cool projects lined up.

Zhenniao: Flying Wing to Wing — Ch 1

Today’s nonhumans on offer are: some angry, sexy harpies!

Here’s a big one for you guys. Our next holiday release is the first chapter of a new ongoing project.

This one is a bit of a departure from our usual stuff. I mean, yes, it’s still got that great art, great world-building, and great non-human focus you’ve come to expect from us, but this release is a little different.

Namely, and I cannot stress this enough: this is a NSFW explicit yaoi. Furthermore, it’s been de-censored. So consider this double NSFW.

If that ain’t to your taste, please direct your attention to the other title in today’s release double feature: https://robotgarden.mangadex.com/2020/12/21/a-snowmans-gratitude-oneshot-release/


The setting is ancient-China. Our main characters are poisonous (sometimes domesticated) harpy-like creatures, who get their poison and the ornate coloring that they’re so proud of, from the toxic plants which they eat.


This is a yaoi focusing on the (somewhat fraught) relationship between two such harpies.


If you’re here for a human x harpy relationship… Well, let’s just say you won’t be disappointed either.

We’ve included some colored pages too!

A Snowman’s Gratitude — Oneshot Release

Today’s nonhuman on offer is: a lil’ bitty snowman guy!

Here’s a release that’s in the true spirit of the season. Or, well, -ish. Listen, it’s got a snowman and we’re currently in December, alright? What more do you want from me?

So without further ado, here’s our next holiday release:

A short little comic about a well-meaning, very tired office worker, and a tiny snowman who, among other things, finds itself a knife.

New project announcement!

Because you are a Red Rose by Mokuzuko

Finally, a GL story for repository!

This is a short, pretty, Girl’s-Love oneshot. It’s also colored, so that’s fun!

Miss Hanakoi is a beautiful woman who only has eyes for the color red and her beloved roses.

While Yaoi and BL stuff is fine (see our upcoming / completed projects), the ladies really needed some rep too! Hence, this story.

Also, as personal bonus to me: this story has a ~floral theme~. (And we’re all about that botanical jazz here at RGS.)

A new project announcement!

The Story of Someone who Lives on Land and Someone who Lives in the Water by Nezi Hana

You guys asked, and we’re delivering!

Y’all liked the first story so much, we’re now 100% picking up the longer series from that Mermaid-Fishermen-Dolphin-Hijinks oneshot.

This one is going to be an ongoing project for us.

Here’s a story about a family of mermaids and a village of humans. There’ll be a bunch of centaurs running around doing their own thing too. Expect cute fluff, romance, some drama, great world-building, and of course: amazing art.

A Little Story about a Fish Thief who Steals with Impunity — Oneshot Release

Today’s nonhuman on offer is: a heron-harpy!

Got another ‘fisherman meets a monster’ story coming right atcha.
Here’s our next holiday releases:

This one’s a short little story about a naughty heron-harpy and its encounter with a fisherman.

A Story about a Fishing Village — Oneshot Release

Today’s nonhuman on offer is: a mermaid.

Here’s our next holiday releases:

This is a fun little short about some fishermen meeting a mermaid.